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Tor Hildyard

3 A rookery of penguins tor hildyard collograph



The various forms of Printmaking I do

I think of myself as an eclectic printmaker, working in many different styles and mediums of printmaking in order to create the right feel for each image I make.



Is made from a cardboard base, that has been torn, scored, glued, collaged and textured in differet ways to create the effect that I want . It is then varnished and printed the same as an Intaglio plate, where all the printing sufaces are below the surface of the plate.



A fine, course or medium grit is sprinkled onto glued areas of the Collagraph plate to create a dark velvety texture. It can also be mixed with glue and painted directly onto the plate.










Is made from a Zinc, Copper or Steel plate It is then covered in a thin layer of wax, which is scratched into with a sharp point. Once the image or marks are finished, the plate is submerged into a bath of acid, which then bites away at the lines that have been drawn. Onced etched, the plate can have an Aquatint added , which is a fine powdered resin, melted onto the plate and then stopped out with varnish each time it goes back into the acid to create the tones. It is then printed with the Intaglio method.


Dry Point

Is where you scratch into a Zinc , Perspex or Alluminium plate with a sharp tool and then it is printed with the Intaglio method.










Carborundum Print ...

4.stretching out etching30x5


Barn owl   Dry Point

Dry Point

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